Mechanical machined, brazed and plated components and Sub-assemblies for various Pharma - testing machines such as blood testing and other such pathological tests are made by us. These parts are extremely high accuracy and finish, with accuracies as high as 10 microns. A small yet precise copper component which is the heart of the blood testing machine. A part that looks simple but has within itself a complex cooling network build by mating drills finally plugged by brazing and finished in a manner that no trace of it is visible in the end. - Parts for Pharma Companies - Parts for Pharma Companies

Non-metallic machined part made from machined to obtain accuracies as close as 20 microns. - Parts for Pharma Companies

Complex long cycle Aluminium machined parts having VMC cycle times of almost 10 hours each. Machined to an accuracy of 50 microns and black anodized. - Parts for Pharma Companies